Reading Big In a Tiny Book

Rid your fingers off the scrolling habit The decision to cut down on time spent on social media comes with a very glaring question and the answer to which is not always obvious or straightforward. The question being, if I give up my incessant scrolling habit on Facebook and Instagram, never mind the service that contains cess pool of opinions including one of the supposed … Continue reading Reading Big In a Tiny Book

Rearview Cityscape

Once the buzzing in your head stops and you gather your thoughts and belongings to make sense of your surroundings and situation, the pieces slowly fall into places and everything comes rushing back to you. The slow walk outside into reality feels like start of something new but also manages to leave a bittersweet taste of leaving something behind. The air was chillier than I … Continue reading Rearview Cityscape

Wandering Thoughts

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash Thoughts Of A Wandering Mind The day as we know moves along on its gradual pace irrespective of the nature of events that defines it. The time shows no remorse or jubilation but those who live by it’s constraints irrevocably bear the brunt. Presently as we continue to live in such uncertain times shackled within our selves with endless resources … Continue reading Wandering Thoughts